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About us

Prefer Homes is a supported living project offering bespoke support packages to LAC (looked after children) aged between 16-18. We are motivated to ensuring our young people are not only provided with good quality housing, but that they are given the tailored support they need to reach their full potential and are given a place to feel at home. Our aim is to ensure all of our clients are provided with a safe and supported environment.

Money Management

We support with money management skills. Within this support element, we provide budgeting advice and assistance, meal planning, and supervised shopping. This helps our young people to understand the importance of managing their money effectively, avoiding future debts, and eating healthily on a budget to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Our organisation currently has six placements to accommodate young males aged 16-18. We provide an established, bespoke support package and as a team, we encourage young people to engage in education services and promote their independence. Each young person is given an Independent Living Plan unique

to Prefer Homes, this is so we can monitor the young person’s independent living skills and focus on areas of improvement, some of the area's this includes are: shopping; money budgeting and personal hygiene.


This plan is in place to ensure they are ready to live independently once they leave our project. We run activities to promote and learn our young people essential life skills. Our regular programme of activities includes but is not limited too the below:

  • Cooking

  • Cleaning

  • Housing

  • Budgeting

  • Personal Hygiene

  • General Household Maintenance

  • Socialising with Others


Safeguarding is an essential part of our day to day support and is embedded into everything we do. We understand that the young people we support have varied and complex needs, and that’s why at Prefer Homes we tailor our support packages to the needs and wishes of the young person and their Social Worker.

External Services

Constantly striving to deliver the best possible service, we ensure we embed a multi-agency approach into our day to day working. We work with a wide range of external services, dependent on the needs of the young person. Below are some examples of the external services we work with to ensure are young people are fully supported: 

  • Social Services

  • Education Providers

  • Police

  • Councils and Local Authorities

  • Mental Health Services


If any of our young people have appointments to attend, we remind them of when they need to be there and encourage them to attend. We also encourage our young people to take pride in their appearance while attending these appointments, whether this is for health appointments, benefit-related appointments, or anything else.

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