What We Offer

Prefer Homes standard operating procedures are all times diverse in line with each unique individual supporting needs and wishes. Within all bespoke support packages Prefer Homes provides there will be a person-centred support plan highlighting the exact support needs of the individuals.

Category of Support

What this includes

Health and  Well-being:      

Registration with local GP surgery and Dental Practice.
• Support with new patient check appointment.
• Support in accessing mental health services were necessary
• LA Health agenda for LAC
• Personal hygiene
• Support if needed to access hospital for treatment or Emergencies

Independent living skills:

Supervised shopping 

• Money Management 

• Budgeting

• Paying Bills

• Personal Hygiene

• Independent Living care plan followed and evidenced 

• Cooking on a budget

NEET:• Supporting in applications to college/ training providers

• Partnership working with colleges/ training providers
• Referrals in to Youth education support
• Support with making a CV and completing job applications

Services:• Positive partnership working between Prefer Homes and external services.

• Referrals were necessary.
• Multi-agency working
• Partnership working Youth Offending services
• Attending Courts / Appropriate adult
• Can aid with asylum seeker process

Finances:• Benefit Claims

• Support in attending benefit appointments
• Setting up a bank account
• On line help with UC
• Help and support with weekly spends

Substance misuse:• Information and support around drug and alcohol abuse

Referrals for intervention


We will provide in each room

• furniture / bedding / appliances

• Repairs/maintenance
• Gas
• Electric
• Water
• T.V Licence
• Food parcels
• Toiletry pack

Category of Service:

Package 3: INTENSE

Standard bespoke tailored package supporting day hours covering basic supporting needs:

7 Nights per week covered  (12 Hours per night):

Individuals weekly allowance (If not claiming benefits):


Standard bespoke tailored package supporting day hours:

7 evenings per week covered by staff
(5 Hours per evening):

Individuals weekly allowance (if not claiming benefits)

Package 1: BASIC

Standard bespoke tailored package supporting day hours covering basic supporting needs plus accommodation and furnishings

Floating Support & Move-on Accommodation

Here at Prefer Homes; we also provide a floating support for our young people when they move into their own accommodation if needed and requested by the Local Authority. The floating support will be tailored to the needs of the client and can include help with money management of bills; support with education; training or job searching; maintenance of tenancy and more.

We work closely with housing agencies such as Myspace to find the best follow on accommodation for our young people and will fully support them through the process

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