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Supported Living Project for Children & Young Adults in  Stockton-on-tees

Prefer Homes is a supported living project offering bespoke support packages to LAC (looked after children) aged between 16-18.

Training & Support

Our support services include developing tools and skills needed for everyday living, including household maintenance. If you are looking for free online training, please visit The Training Hub website for more information.


We provide an established, bespoke support package and as a team, we encourage young people to engage in education services and promote their independence.


Safeguarding is an essential part of our day to day support and is embedded into everything we do.


We support with money management skills. Within this support element, we provide budgeting advice and assistance, meal planning, and supervised shopping.


We work with a wide range of external services, dependent on the needs of the young person.


If any of our young people have appointments to attend, we remind them of when they need to be there and encourage them to attend.

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Welcome to Prefer Homes

We are a supported living project for LAC children offering "bespoke support packages"

We are a supported accommodation provider in Stockton-on-tees, supporting young males aged 16-18 years, in the care of surrounding local authorities. We have a team of skilled support workers; from a variety of different backgrounds – together, we provide a bespoke support package to encourage these young people to live independently once they move on from our project.

Supporting a variety of young people, our dedicated service staff are proud of what we do, which includes both housing and education services for clients. We strive to ensure the best for the young people we support. Our core values are of central importance to us, and are embedded into everything we do.

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